Black & Cold Creamery

Your Neighborhood Fix

You never know what the future holds......

Duquesne Village has always been special to owner, Justine Cosley. She was born and raised on Homestead Duquesne Road. As a child, she walked to Duquesne Village and frequented stores that are no longer there. She bowled at Village Lanes, ate Ice cream at Isaly's and purchased candy at Woolworth's. As a teen, she hung out with her friends. As an adult, when a spot opened up, she jumped at the chance to move her feline exclusive grooming shop, Cat Around Town, to the Annex in Duquesne Village.

Justine's grooming clients come from near and far. Many times they stay with their cat for the hour and a half it takes to groom it because by the time the traveled home, it would be time to come back again. After a year and a half of them asking "Where can I get a good cup of coffee?" Justine realized that there was a true NEED for such a place. It just so happened that the unit next to her cat grooming shop was for rent. New owners had just purchased Duquesne Village and the management company was supportive of new ventures. For the past 8 months, Justine, along with the help of her friends, relatives and advisers, have been laying plans to open "Black & Cold Creamery", a family friendly take out only coffee and ice cream shop.

The unit itself also holds a very special meaning to Justine. Thirthy three years ago, when she was 10 years old, her then boyfriend, Kevin, bought her a Miz-Pah necklace when the law office was Shupink's Jewelers. Justine told Kevin she was going to marry him. Kevin broke up with her. They started dating again when Justine was a senior in high school. Four years laster they were married.  Kevin and Justine's oldest daughter Faith will be 16 years old this January and their youngest daughter Quinn will be 13 in February. They will soon be working at the very same spot where her their father bought the necklace for their mother.

This location is very special, because it is the place where dreams were started.